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Well, it’s been something of a while since we last posted one of these, but the good news is that we’re back and we’re going twice weekly for the rest of the year until we catch up!

So, today (Saturday) you’ll be getting CHIMERICAL PODCAST #12, while tomorrow (that’s Sunday for the Other Brother Darryls amongst you) we’ll be putting up CHIMERICAL PODCAST #13!

Yes, that means there’s something new on CHIMERICAL TALES every single day of the week now!

CHIMERICAL PODCAST #12 contains all-new, unabridged chapters of MYTHSTALKERS, ACE ARCHER, JANE CROW, and CLOSING TIME as well as the first of our Kickstarter Reward short stories, THE LOCKED BASEMENT DOOR!

Click here to download CHIMERICAL PODCAST #12!

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