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Last time: The Tesla Girls are back together after a wish-induced two month separation, and it’s time to bring the hurt down on the ones who caused it… the Boys of Summer.


Part Seven (of Nine)

“So what’s taking so long?” Marina asked as Kate and Emilie hunched over the workbench.

“We’re working on vengeance weapons,” Kate said. “Sharp pointy vengeance.”

“I told you that what we need here is some kind of energy transfer,” Emilie said. “Energy hurts more than poky things.”

“I put some nails in the fridge,” Marina offered. “They’re both poky and conduct electricity.”

“Why did you put them in the fridge?” Kate asked.

“You said that faeriekind are vulnerable to cold iron.”

Emilie and Kate looked at each other sympathetically.

“The key here,” Emilie said, “is that we want to hurt them without killing them or banishing them. We need to find out how to reverse the wishes before we do either of those things.”

“Wait, what?” Marina demanded. “Reverse the wishes? I like my wish… I don’t want to stop being famous! And besides… your wish was that you could figure out how to undo the wishes… if you undo your wish, doesn’t that create a parallax?”

Emilie started to address one of the several utterly wrong ideas in Marina’s last few sentences but Kate cut her off.

“Yes. Yes, it creates a parallax. We intend to use the parallax energy to power…”

“Something,” Emilie said.

“Yes. Something.”

“Oh, okay,” Marina said. “Just don’t make me less famous.”

Emilie and Kate returned to the device.

It was already late evening when Cliff got the call.

“I thought you guys were going to be ready with this by this morning,” he said. “Weren’t you the ones who told me that they’d only be vulnerable until midnight?”

“No,” said Kate through the Cliffmobile’s speaker. “I said that they’d probably go out drinking around midnight, and then we wouldn’t know where they were. Before midnight, Cass will probably still be at our place.”

“His place,” Cliff offered, but Kate didn’t rise to the bait.

“So how long until you get here?”

“I’m pulling up outside Wardenclyffe right now. Don’t you girls have jetpacks and stuff? Why do you always need me to drive places?”

“The jetpacks don’t have a good stereo system,” came Marina’s voice, fainter than Kate’s.

“Sorry, Cliff,” Kate said with a touch of embarassment. “You’re on speaker-phone.”

“I mean, I don’t mind driving, but can I at least join the fight when we get there?”

“NO!” shouted three voices simultaneously.

“See, Tom?” Cliffhanger said to the masked guy in the passenger seat who was wearing a Tesla Girls “Gears Are For Girls” t-shirt and a baseball cap with an embroidered mechanical heart on it. “I told you it wasn’t worth tagging along.”

“Who’s that?” Kate asked.

“Sorry,” Cliff said. “You’re on speakerphone.” He hung up the phone before Kate could respond, only partially because he had just pulled up in front of Wardenclyffe Tower.

“Hey,” Tom said, shrugging, “I mostly just wanted you to introduce me to Marina. I’m good with just watching.”

It was quarter to midnight when Cliff finally screeched to a halt outside Webb Plaza, low-rent modern housing for the chronically hip.

“Remember, faeries are vulnerable to cold iron,” Tom offered.

Marina tauntingly shook a foggy ziploc bag of cold nails at him before hopping out of the convertable and hovering up the side of the building.

“She is so into me,” Tom muttered to Cliff.

Emilie had pulled out her blue and silver ray-gun and activated her leather mecha armor. Kate shuffled nervously towards the building’s front door.

“You sure you don’t need any–” Cliff started, but Kate pressed a button on her universal remote and the car roof closed, cutting the hero off.

“God, if they said one more thing about football on the way here I was going to dose them both with amnesia gas,” Emilie groaned to Kate as the clockwork jetpack snapped into place. “You sure you don’t want to do the window thing? It’s going to be pretty cool. I designed glass magnets for my boots so we don’t get all cut up again flying in.”

“Nah, if I know Cassidy, as soon as you guys show, he’s just going to pee himself and split for the elevator.”

“You’re going to be fine,” Emilie said and gave Kate a quick hug before blasting off after Marina.

Kate entered the building and walked over to the single elevator door. The line of numbers along the top indicated that the elevator was on the third floor. Cassidy’s apartment was on the fifth.

Kate pulled out her Universal Remote and with a few button presses, convinced the elevator it was on seven.

She couldn’t wait for the doors to open on her ex-boyfriend.

To be continued…

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