There are many great people who helped to bring you this first year of CHIMERICAL TALES. Their song will not go unsung, nor should their website go unbrowsed. Please remain seated as the credits roll.

Many sincere thanks to the CHIMERICAL TALES funders (in no particular order)…

Dan Keller

Michael Pleier

Chrissie Sheehy

Michael H. Payne –

Marilynn J. Barre

Mike Alessi & Amy Johnson

Fred D. Barre

Scott Borst


Martin Jackson

leslie barkley

Kelly & Jeff Johnson

Ed Kowalczewski

David Lars Chamberlain –

Stephen Burnside

Laura, David & Max Nadler

matt –

Chris Yoder & Sandy Kapteyn

Jean “Aglet” DiMaria

The Amber Knave –


Jeff Hersh

Lynne Barre

Connie Wu

George F. Lobien

Rachelle Feiler

Okay By Me Productions –

Hank & Jaye Barre

Edward “Once And Future Oscar Pool Champion” Einhorn –

Melissa M. Garcia –

Gary Sitcer

Evelyn Jerome Alexander –

Lee Vibber

Alyssa Gulledge

Therese Fisher –

Ari Rapkin Blenkhorn

Marilyn Scott-Waters –

Johanna Caulfield

Carrie Lowery

Cheryl Bell


Leila Rowland Zucker –

The Caveman

Laura Redish

Eleanor Erwin

Josh Smift

Dave Fandel

Daniel Coble –

Lena B.

Becky Bergmann

Kit Schaaf-Poms

Meredith McClaren –

James Lemoine

H.P. Lovecraft

Z. Serafina

Heath Wheeler –

Jill Heller

Nicolas diPierro

Jennifer Williams

Andrew Clucas

Kay, Kieran & Corwin Barre

Our banner art is the first of three pieces by Clint Langley, depicting Ace Archer in all (and none) of his glory!

Art for the CHIMERICAL TALES serials and watermarks by the inestimable Matt Howarth.

Our podcast guru is Maxwell Silverhammer himself, Scott “ScoBo” Borst.




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