In the style of the old pulp serials, Chimerical Tales is a serial fiction anthology designed for the discerning cliffhanger enthusiast.
Let’s break that down:

  • Serial: Each story will be a short chapter of a larger work, presented weekly.
  • Fiction: Y’know. Not real. The good stuff! (No offense to biography aficionados and my wife.)
  • Anthology: Each issue of Chimerical Tales will contain five *different* stories, making each week a potpourri of genre and style!
  • Cliffhanger Enthusiast: You! You love waiting to find out how the hero gets out of the latest deathtrap, face-off, or embarassing engagement misunderstanding!

Every weekday, Chimerical Tales will post a new chapter in one of its five serials. Each chapter will be an easily digestible piece of flash fiction–around 750 words, or three pages–just enough to read during a coffee break!

A different serial will run each day of the week, so readers will know exactly when to come back for the next installment: Mythstalker Monday, for instance, or Resume God Thursday.

Not only will CHIMERICAL TALES run online, but after each week’s serials are complete, the cover, stories, and additional editorial content will be compiled together in a PDF magazine, suitable for reading on your tablet or computer of choice! Coming soon!

Saturday will also offer an unabridged podcast of that week’s serial chapters, perfect for listening to on the way to work or while you do your laundry!

Finally, when a given serial is completed, that serial will become available in a collected ebook as well, so everyone will have their choice of how to read CHIMERICAL TALES!

CHIMERICAL TALES went online with new content on July 1, 2013 and will update every weekday for the next fifty-two weeks.

Please feel free to leave feedback… there’ll be an old-school letters column in the CHIMERICAL TALES emagazine!


Douglass Barre is a forty-two year old writer who’s always loved big stories broken down into little parts. In the early 2000s, he wrote the comics DEFIANCE and MYTHSTALKERS for Image Comics and also ran the website CHIMERICAL COMICS, a Previews-style chronicle of an imaginary comics company. He even wrote the column CHIMERICAL COMIX for the site COMIXFAN.

CHIMERICAL TALES is the final result of a brainstorm he had during a six-month stay in the hospital back in 2005.

You can contact him at doug@chimericaltales.com or by telepathic summoning.

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