Last time: Tricked by the Boys of Summer into a faerie wishing castle, the girls each made a wish. Two months later, Kate is in a bad relationship with Cassidy Summer, Emilie is a hermit, obsessed with undoing the wishes, and Marina is a star… until someone takes a shot at her!


Part Five (of Nine)


It took only a second for the Electric Heart to put up a repulsion field around her, but the bullet ignored it completely and perforated Marina’s perfectly smooth left shoulder.

The bodyguards Marina had insisted she didn’t need (but liked how they looked guarding her, so she kept them) moved into action, one of them tackling the Tesla Girl to the ground, the other drawing his weapon.

“Everybody get down, we have a shooter!” he yelled the obvious.

Marina struggled to climb out from under the muscle in a suit that was trying to cover her after the bullet already hit. “Dude! Watch your hands!”

Finally making to to her feet, Marina tried to look around for the shooter, but between her perfectly petite height and the number of fans running around like atoms in a gaseous state under pressure, there was no way to pick him out. It also didn’t help that she didn’t actually know what the guy (if it even was a guy… there were probably more girls who wanted to kill Marina now because, y’know, jealousy) looked like.

Pissed off gave her the energy to charge the Electric Heart and Marina electromagnetically pushed the earth away, taking to the air. Her shoulder hurt. She didn’t like hurt. It was painful. No one as pretty as her ought to feel pain.

Once in the sky, it became much easier to see who shot her. It was the guy running away.

Marina squinted her eyes and spurred herself towards her would-be assassin.

He looked over his shoulder and somehow started running faster. It didn’t help.

Marina came flying down heels first, knocking the shooter to the pavement. The Electric Heart magnetically aligned the ferrous atoms woven into her white velvet gloves into hard metal fists as she slapped him several times more than necessary, knocking him just a hair short of unconscious.

“What! Did! You! Think! You! Were! Doing!” she screamed as she pummeled the lanky man who had tried to kill her.

“I…” he coughed through broken teeth and bloody lips. “I’m y-your biggest fan…”

By that point, police had caught up with them and two officers pulled Marina off of the bruised and bloodied maniac just in time to let him pass out.


“Oh my god!” Kate cried as she watched the footage of the shooting on her laptop. “Someone shot Marina!”

“Marina who?” Cassidy asked from behind his dog-eared copy of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.

“Marina Tesla, my partner, you arse!”

“I thought I was your partner now, baby.”

“You’re just my boyfriend,” Kate frowned. “And sometimes I don’t even know why you’re still that.”

Cassidy still didn’t look up from his book, but Kate could see his eyebrows go up and down over the top lasciviously.

“I think I’m going to go see her,” Kate said.

“Not a good idea,” Cassidy said.

“I wasn’t asking you.”

“Hey, we didn’t go to all this work Gardner Foxing you guys apart just for you to get all sentimental on me now,” the Boy of Summer said scornfully. “Now go make me a sandwich or something.”

Kate screwed up her face in an expression that was both pained and furious. She loved Cassidy, there was no question of that. But that didn’t mean she had to give up who she was.

You know, for more than two months, at least.

Kate stood up from the kitchen table and stomped into the bedroom, looking for her purse. Her Universal Remote, gone unused for the last six weeks, was rattling around in the bottom of it somewhere. Kate needed some control back in her life.

“Hey!” Cassidy yelled from the kitchen nook. “We weren’t done talking, baby!”

Kate steeled herself. The purse had to be in here somewhere, she hadn’t left their–no, her–apartment in days. It was like she had been in some kind of fog until she had seen the incident with Marina. Thinking had become one of the most stressful things she’d come across and she couldn’t even articulate what she wanted to say. It drove her crazy.

Just as she found her purse under her side of the queen sized bed, Cassidy appeared in the doorway. She desperately began to rummage through her bag… unopened mail, lipstick, powder puff…

“Kate, don’t be such a stupid… look, just calm down. We can watch the sunset together tonight.” He did that thing with his hair that she just melted for… but she noticed for the first time that as he spoke to her, his eyes weren’t meeting hers, it was like he was just looking at her neck from across the room.

“I can watch a sunset on my own!” she yelled, and threw the remote across the room at him.

He caught it with one hand easily. Just as he was about to sneer or laugh or otherwise underestimate the girl, he looked at the object he had seized and screamed out in pain.

“I build with cold iron, you fairy asshole,” Kate said, slipping her purse over her shoulder and pushing past him as he yowled. “My brain and my bones don’t want to take this anymore.”

She was out of the apartment and it was like her temperature was rising and her heart beating out of her chest.


Emilie sat on Cliffhanger’s couch, leaning against her girlfriend Meg.

“I could be working on the chair right now,” she said. “I think if I find the opposing wavelength of the wish energy…”

Meg put a finger to Emilie’s lips.

“You talk too much, Tesla.”

Cliff was pacing back and forth in front of the television coverage of Marina’s shooting, the subsequent ass-kicking and her eventual hospitalization.

“So I’ve been thinking about what happened to you guys over the last month or so,” Cliffhanger said, not looking either girl in the eye. “I tried to get in touch with Kate but her boyfriend wouldn’t let me talk to her. I, um, ran into her a few weeks later outside a club they were at, but it was kind of a scene.”

“Cliffy and Katie, sitting in a tree,” Meg said, rolling her eyes. “He totally has it bad.”

Emilie frowned. For the time Cliff carried a torch for her, he had been a lot more circumspect about it. Stalking Kate and her creepazoid boyfriend seemed more like… well, something Kate herself would have done.

“Wait a second,” she said. “What was the line from that movie she used… her wish…” Emilie hit the button on her brass factotum gauntlet and the obsessively immense file of notes on the wish situation scrolled into the air above it.

“Look,” Cliff said, “I thought maybe if we all put our minds together, we could maybe find some way of intervening.”

“There,” Emilie said. “She wished ‘just to love and be loved in return.’ She never specified that it was the same person! Yes! Loophole! Dastardly wishcraft!”

“I… it’s not…” Cliff started.

“Oh, shut up, Cliffy,” Meg said. “Emilie’s being brilliant again.”

“So you’re saying this Cassidy guy doesn’t love her?”

Emilie and Meg both turned on him.

“Cassidy?” Emilie demanded. “Long brown hair, skin almost as pale as mine? Constantly looks like he smells something bad?”

“Um, yeah,” Cliff said. “Do you know him?”

“Boys of Summer,” Emilie smiled. “This wasn’t a mistake… this was an attack!”

“Don’t you love it when she’s about to kick ass?” Meg asked happily.

To be continued…

© 2013 by Douglass Barre, All Rights Reserved.

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