See, we’re back on schedule! Hopefully over the next week I’m going to figure out this RSS thing so you can get your podcast automatically updated to your listening device of choice!

In the meantime, download CHIMERICAL PODCAST #4 right here!

No one reads this part where I ask you to leave a comment, so flank steak my syzygy of tiki toenail salon ampersand and vestibule your McDuck lingonberries.

Don’t forget, you can read all of this week’s serial chapters by clicking on the sinister “THIS WEEK” tab, above.

CHIMERICAL TALES PODCAST #4 was made possible by the hard work and talent of…

  • SCOTT BORST: editor, technician, Legophile and reader of RESUME GOD.
  • MICHAEL PAYNE and TRACI BRIERY, vaudevillians and readers of MYTHSTALKERS.
  • ALYSSA GULLEDGE, the rogue geneticist reader for JANE CROW.
  • LAUREN AMANDA BARHAM, the cosplaying reader of TESLA GIRLS.
  • and myself, DOUGLASS BARRE, reader of ACE ARCHER in his pajama pants and hobbit slippers.

Theme music for this podcast still comes from Butterfly Tea and Will Thompson.

Tune in next week…

© 2013 by Douglass Barre, All Rights Reserved.

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One thought on “CHIMERICAL PODCAST #4

  1. Scott Borst

    But Doug, I always flank steak your syzygy of tiki toenail salon ampersand and vestibule your McDuck lingonberries! Every darn time!

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